Don Call

When I find something in life worthwhile I tend to pursue it with great enthusiasm. Slabs and the Alaskan sawmill were introduced to me several years ago and I was immediately sold on the idea. When I cut into a 200 year old oak tree for the first time I call this moment in time the "Reveal". It is a masterpiece of the highest order that will unfold time and again as I work through the log. My Passion. My reason to seek the finest wood in the Blue Ridge. In addition to the pursuit of fine featured wood there is the camaraderie of fellow Logjammers, clever ducks all, outstanding human beings and good friends.

Scott Jackson-Ricketts

I have worked with wood my entire adult life and at 63, continue to find new ways to express my creativity in pleasing and satisfactory ways. Partnership in Logjam has offered me not only the communion of great fellowship but also access to some of the finest wood I have ever had at hand. Furniture is my strength. My experience includes custom residential construction, old house restoration, kitchen design and cabinetry, sculpture, bowl turning and home accent pieces. I am also well versed in antique restoration, a side-line that has more than once kept the butter on the bread.


Will Osborne

The Osbornes were one of the first families to settle in Grayson County and I guess that self-sufficient, Scotch-Irish grit came all the way down to me. I grew up watching my dad, who can fix just about anything. I was always interested in masonry and carpentry, and after tutelage under some great local craftsmen, I set out on my own as a contractor. Working with wood has always been a big part of my professional life as well as a personal hobby. I met the rest of the Logjam crew and got hooked on milling local wood. My dad and I bought a Norwood portable sawmill and the rest is history. We recently milled up several acres of pine that I’ll use in the construction of my new house. I also craft spoons, tea boxes, potato bins, chicken houses and just about any useful thing that can be made with wood.


Rick Cavey

I, a self-described renaissance man, moved to the Appalachians after a career working upon and in the seas as a Navy Diver. My wife and I started an organic vegetable farm to serve local markets. A hobbyist wood worker at best, my small band mill has served me well, sawing boards for our sheds and outbuildings. Now, in the middle of a 19th century house reconstruction, Logjam offers shared kinship, love of hard work and resources such as wild cherry, oak, walnut and poplar for my many restoration projects...stay tuned for more pics and updates on that!


Don Pridgen

I grew up the son of a residential contractor with an industrial arts background and have had sawdust in my pockets ever since. Working in cabinet, millwork and furniture shops doing everything from production furniture to making replacement trim for historic register homes helped round out my experience. I've run a circular sawmill as a hobby for 25 years keeping myself and friends supplied with a wide selection of Appalachian woods. For a number of years Michelle and I travelled the country building log and timberframe homes. Whether it is figuring out how to drop a tree in the perfect spot and then leaving the woods in good shape for the next forest or figuring out how to give new life to a fallen friend, working with wood is great fun.

Lukas Burgher

Structural engineer by day, woodworker by weekend... I am always looking for an opportunity to get in the shop or forest to get my hands dirty. Building furniture and other crafts from locally harvested, indigenous tree species is a true passion. Overall, my interests lie at the intersection of good design and hands on construction, whether it be structures or furniture. I recently moved to Roanoke for a new engineering opportunity, but still maintain close connections to the LOGJAM crew. I maintain the website remotely and try to get down to the action for some weekend fun when I can!


Though we number 'five friends' as founders of Logjam, our larger intention is to celebrate our community through countless collaborations. We are surrounded by seemingly limitless talent of all ages. Creating furniture, small buildings and structural components, an inventory of amazing slabs, and other wood based products, we welcome metal workers, pottery/tile artists, design enthusiasts, contractors, and anyone else with whom we find common ground. Logjam is about community and sharing our work on an inclusive scale.


Russell Rigsbee

(276) 773-3533

Russell Rigsbee moved to Grayson County from his home town of Durham, NC nearly 30 years ago. With him came his finely honed stain glass and metal working skills. His artistic trajectory brought him into contact with many well respected artists, including Ansel Adams, Robert Broderson, Francis Vega, Caroline Vaughn, and John Menapace among many others. At 75, Russell is one of our most seasoned collaborators. He created metal legs for the commissioned desk and a few end tables. We expect to continue working together and sharing inspirations.