Local Disaster Relief


Earlier this Fall, our friend Patrick, came home to no home. During his absence, his house and outbuildings burned to the ground, leaving what looked like a bomb site. Small propane tanks and perhaps gasoline in what once was a motor home contributed to the utter destruction.

Don C, Don P, Rick, Scott and others showed up with skid steer, trucks, trailers and metal cutting tools, to move most of the big waste to a local recycling place. This effort also included scraping the small debris into mounds that were later scooped up by Rick into a rented dumpster, thus clearing and readying the site for home rebuild.

Fortunately for Patrick, (who has a jewelry shop, The Peartree in Independence), most of his valuable things including his way to make a living, were spared.

LOGJAM is not a rescue team, but given the tools we use for our log salvage work, it made sense to lend Patrick a helping hand.