A Day with LOGJAM


All (6) of the LOGJAM crew gather together

Saturday, the 21 st of April, was a big day for the LOGJAM crew. All six gentlemen gathered for two projects, starting first at Scott’s old shop. There we insulated the ceiling of that building, readying it for LOGJAM storage of lumber and product. By lunch time most of the crew headed over to Rick’s, leaving Lukas and Scott to finish up the ceiling.

Rick and Don P recently bought another circular saw mill, identical to what Don already has at his place in Elk Creek. Don will hook the engine up to his mill, freeing up his tractor, while Rick will set up his mill to be run by his own tractor. So that will make (2) stationary mills and (4) mobile mills in our toolkit.

But first, Rick’s mill needs a building. Don C brought his Alaskan saw mill, and various configurations of the crew shared time and effort milling two poplar logs into main support beams for Rick’s future mill shed. The logs were felled about a week ago from a property around the corner.

During this noisy action we were visited by Kate Irwin, whose new magazine Here! (http://heremagazine.pub/) features local people, activities, services, and outdoor venues among many other interests specific to Alleghany, Ashe (NC) and Grayson (VA) Counties. She interviewed each of us, took many pictures, and stayed long enough to get a feeling for our camaraderie and working scene. Look for us in the next issue of her magazine!

At the day’s end, we retired to Wagon Wheel Farm for grilled burgers, cold drinks, and more camaraderie.

Don Call, Don Pridgen, Lukas Burgher, Rick Cavey, Will Osborne and Scott Jackson-Ricketts welcome feedback and comments.