LOGJAM helps Rock the River!


LOGJAM was a feature of the second annual LandCare Rocks the River celebration in Fries, VA. Our group consisted of Don Call, Rick Cavey, Will Osborne, and Scott Jackson-Ricketts. This event was sponsored by Grayson LandCare with 1200 in attendance, (Sunday, July 29, 2018). Live music, food, beer, and several vendors also helped rock the afternoon. 

Periodically LOGJAM was given the opportunity to show off the Lucas Mill by slabbing two logs over the course of the afternoon. We started with a walnut log and moved on to a white pine log, meaning to demonstrate the mill and our products. People gathered around the set-up and paid close attention to how the mill works, and showed great interest in the slabs as well. Lots of questions were thrown around, resulting in focused conversation about other mill functions, how to properly dry the wood, how to keep a crack or check from growing, what products can be made from slabs, and so on.

Also on site were a few finished pieces made from previous slabbing operations, and one finished stand alone slab. What completely surprised the Logjam crew was how eager people were to buy the slabs we made. It was almost like an auction with competing offers. Though we had never dreamed this would happen, and frankly, were not prepared, every single slab we cut went home with someone else. 

Towards the end of the day, Anthony Flaccavento stopped by to meet the crew and visit the mill. He is running for Congress and had been invited to LandCare Rocks the River to informally campaign. His visit to our demo was enjoyable, as can be seen in the photo.