Cavey Farmhouse

Perhaps an example of how LogJam began...this ongoing project represents locally milled lumber, handmade cabinetry and furniture, and hands on construction; in which all of our team has been involved.

Summerfield Farm Barn

Logjam was asked to select and mill replacement logs, rafters, flooring, sheathing and siding for this 1840's log barn restoration project in the Summerfield community in Grayson County. As the project has grown in scope we have worked with the contractor to locate and provide the needed timber. We have been using the Alaskan sawmill to slab 30' timbers and are currently searching the woods for 2 top plate timbers 10x12x60'. The 20' timbers and rafters are being prepared on the Lucas mill, the siding, purlins and loft flooring are being sawn on our traditional circle mill.